Price List

14522 Agfa Movexoom 6 Sound Super 8 movie camera. With 7-42mm f1.8 Variostar zoom lens. A sophisticated Super 8 camera in VGC and god working order.  exc++ £49 PHOTO
14088 Aka Akarette, for 35mm. With interchangeable 50mm f3.5 Isco Westar lens in Prontor S shutter. Nice condition, some tarnishing to the trim. Nice lens, working well, with case exc+ £29 PHOTO
13622 Antique Brass Sikes Hydrometer set. (for measuring the specific gravity of alcoholic beverages). Cased set. Float and weights. No thermometer. VGC, lid missing from case £39 PHOTO
13623 Antique Brass Sikes Hydrometer set. (for measuring the specific gravity of alcoholic beverages). Cased set. Float and weights. No thermometer. VGC, lining inside case lid is brittle. £39 PHOTO
9145 Bags and Cases: we always have a selection of camera holdalls, cases and bags for sale including top loaders, cases for digital and compact cameras, rucksacks etc. Lowe Pro, Tamrac and similar. All at great prices to clear. Please Call for more information PHOTO
14567 Braun Engraved TEWE Polyfocus Universal Zoom Viewfinder. With markings for 35, 38, 45, 50, 85, 90 and 135mm lenses. Good condition and working order. Nice usable optics exc+ £39 PHOTO
14594 Braun Super Paxette II, CRF with interchangeable (and very capable) Stabele Kata 45mm f2.8 lens. In lovely condition with clean clear finders and lens, and working very nicely, this is a very nice user or collector Paxette and is as nice as you are likely to find. With cap and ever ready case. exc++/m- £37 PHOTO
11938 Bronica EC / S2A etc (50mm lens for example) 87mm SY44 Y1 screw in filter. Near mint, cased with original box m- £15 PHOTO
11911 Bronica EC / S2A etc fit set of extension tubes. Near mint and in original maker's box exc++ £25 PHOTO
12187 Bronica ETR / S / Si polaroid film back. Very good condition, complete with dark slide exc++ £29 PHOTO
14056 Camera Enthusiast or Collector’s dream, or ideal business opportunity. For Sale very cheap; My lifetime accumulated back room over-stock of well over 2000 photography related books; Technique, camera reference, almanacs, guides, manuals, annuals, yearbooks, stock photo books, you name it, it’s here. For sale as one job lot. There are some great books and some average books but in today’s market some stuff in here are £20, £30, even £50 books individually, with literally hundreds of £2 and £5 and plenty of £10 retail value books. Must sell in one single lot please, not looking to split at this time. Very good profit to be made but I sell cameras, not books and I’ll never get around to it as I’m already drowning in cameras. I cannot list the books individually, if you are interested please come and see. Price is negotiable upon viewing BOOKS £2,000 PHOTO
14132 Canon EF fit (Jessop Brand) Telescope adaptor. Fits EOS mount lens to use them as a telescope. VGC exc+/++ £20 PHOTO
11808 Canon FD 100-200mm f5.6 FD Zoom lens. Very nice optics, signs of normal use.  exc+ £19 PHOTO
14605 Canon IIF2 CRF, L39 screw mount. With 50mm f1.8 Canon lens. In VGC overall and working nicely. Almost imperceptible ding on top around eyepiece. Only 2625 examples made, a scarce camera. With Canon cap, Walz filter, scruffy half case exc++ £299 PHOTO
14440 Canon Ixus APS camera, gold plated edition. With 24-48mm Zoom lens. Near mint condition, cased with remote control. exc++/m- £49 PHOTO
14098 Canon Motordrive MA plus AA battery pack MA (for A1, AE-1 etc) in excellent condition, working well exc+/++ £39 PHOTO
14262 Canon Power Winder A (for A1, AE1 etc) in good condition, signs of normal use, working well. Boxed exc+ £19 PHOTO
14100 Canon Power Winder A (for A1, AE-1 etc) in good condition, working well exc+ £19 PHOTO
14601 Canon S-II Rangefinder camera, c.1948. no.228xx. With 5cm f3.5 collapsible Serenar lens in Standard Leica thread. Overall a very nice example, original and unmolested. One wrinkled shutter blind, light haze in lens. “Made in Occup ed Japan” mis-engraving. With original case. A rare early Canon, the first with Leica mount. exc+ £599 PHOTO
14604 Canon VT De Luxe M rapid-wind rangefinder camera, L39 screw mount, with 50mm f1.8 Canon lens. Generally VGC, signs of normal use. Some wrinkles to metal shutter curtains (working and light tight) All working well. With an ever ready case exc+ £269 PHOTO
14593 Canonet QL17 camera, with 40mm f1.7 Canon lens. VGC with seals replaced. Fully working including meter. Cased, with genuine Canon lens hood and two filters contained in an additional case on the strap exc+/++ £79 PHOTO
14461 Ensign Midget Model 33 miniature folding camera. Working ok, folds in and out well, good bellows. In good condition (lacks upper half of fold out frame) with leather slip case exc+ £35 PHOTO
14571 Exakta fit 135mm f2.8 Meyer Orestor 135mm lens. Generally good condition, signs of normal use, good optics with slight natural haze exc+ £49 PHOTO
14549 Exakta VX1000 SLR, with 50mm f2.8 Tessar lens. Prism finder. An excellent example, cosmetically close to mint and working well. Slightly “loose” focus but very usable. With very good ever ready case exc++/m- £79 PHOTO
14550 Exakta VXIIa SLR, with 50mm f2.8 Tessar lens. Prism finder. An excellent example, cosmetically close to mint and working well. 1/25 sec off otherwise it's good to go, all higher speeds and slow speeds ok. With very good ever ready case exc++/m- £69 PHOTO
14371 Fed 2, with 52mm f2.8 Fed N-26M lens. VGC and a nice camera to own and use. With ever ready case exc++ £39 PHOTO
14134 Fed 4, with 53mm f2.8 N-61 lens. VGC, working well, a nice example with case exc++ £29 PHOTO
14183 Fed 5B, (non metered) with 55mm f2.8 Industar 61L/D (lanthanum) lens. Close to new condition, working perfectly. With case m- £39 PHOTO
14047 Fujica Half 1.9. Half frame camera. With 3.3cm f1.9 Fujinon lens . Manual shutter and aperture controls. VGC overall, very minor ding on one corner. Working well manually, meter needle is not responsive. exc+/++ £35 PHOTO
8560 Fujica Single -8 Sound camera, Model SOUND ZXM 300. VGC, with microphone, cap, wrist strap and sound blimp cover. VGC, working well.  exc+/++ £25 PHOTO
11608 Hasselblad fit 2x Converter, Vivitar make, Near mint, very nice quality. With caps, case, leaflet. m- £49 PHOTO
14560 Helios multi brightline shoe mounted finder, with 135, 85 and 35mm frames. VGC, cased exc++ £25 PHOTO
13081 ITT Binocular camera. Badged as “American Brand Photo Binocular 110”. VG, with UV filter. A little haze in the lenses (normal for this model) exc++ £25 PHOTO
14439 Kiev / Contax fit 35mm f2.8 Jupiter 12 lens. Black. Mint condition, in bakelite keeper with correct caps m- £59 PHOTO
14438 Kiev IV a (non metered) with 50mm f2 Jupiter 8M lens. Very good condition and working well, with case exc+/++ £49 PHOTO
` Kirn SF viewfinder. For 135mm frame. This is a “both eyes open” type finder similar in principle to the Voigtlander Kontur finders. Excellent condition, near mint. Well made. In (scruffy) original box m- £29 PHOTO
13075 Kodak Bantam f4.5, very pretty little camera. Good condition, crack in finder glass. With very nice case, instructions exc+ £29 PHOTO
14600 Kodak Brownie “Albino” model. This attractive White and Silver two toned Brownie 127 camera was produced in small numbers in 1959 or 60 and distributed by Kodak UK in Jersey and the Channel isles. The camera was never mass produced as the finish proved rather fragile so the initial batch of c.500 was all that was ever produced. Now a rare collectors item. This example is in very good condition, albeit with some usual light rubbing to the fragile paint finish. The correct cream neck cord is present. The camera is functional with no damage. exc+ £249 PHOTO
13662 Kodak No.2A brownie, model C (for 116 film). In very attractive dark green covering / green enamel finish. Good condition but lacking strap exc+ £19 PHOTO
13031 Kodak Pony 135, french model. With 4.5cm f3.5 Angenieux lens. Excellent example working well with nice clean lens. Cased exc++ £49 PHOTO
14603 Kodak Retina IIC (Big C) outfit: a lovely set comprising Retina IIC with 50/2.8 Heligon lens, ever ready case, strap, 35mm f5.6 Heligon lens in keeper, 80mm f4 Heligon lens in keeper with dedicated lens hood, boxed, close up rangefinder set boxed and cased, Kodalux L light meter cased, Boxed tripod adaptor, cased folding sports finder, cased optical finder, boxed “special lens case” holder for the original front lens, cased lens hood (35 and 50mm) and filter set comprising (all Kodak) Red, Green, Orange, Dark Yellow, Light Yellow, 80A, original lens brochure and instruction manual. All in excellent condition except light fungus to the 80mm lens (should clean easily if dismantled). All contained in a nice Non-Kodak brown hide outfit case. Working well, ready to be enjoyed or ideal for a collector. exc++ £299 PHOTO
13940 Kodak Retina Reflex fit 135mm f4 Schneider Tele Xenar lens (DKL Mount) Nice optics, VGC cosmetically. Smooth focus and snappy iris. In keeper. Several in stock exc to exc+/++ from £20-35 exc++ £35 PHOTO
12461 Kodak Retina Reflex fit slide copying set. VGC and uncommon exc++ £19 PHOTO
14172 Konica Auto S2 CRF. With 45mm f1.8 Hexanon lens in Copal SVA shutter. Cosmetically excellent condition. Fully working except meter. Battery checks ok but Auto function does not work. Very nice to use as a mechanical camera exc++ £39 PHOTO
14078 Kowa SE 35mm SLR. Fixed 50mm f1.9 lens. VGC and working nicely. exc+/++ £29 PHOTO
14590 Leica ABLON type film cutting template, two piece version in excellent condition (not Leitz) Well made and very usable exc++ £39 PHOTO
12980 Leica BOOWU copy stand. Pre war example, with four legs and three heads for different reproduction ratio (for A4, A5, A6). Items are in excellent condition. Boxed (box shows wear, has tape repairs etc) rating is for items not box exc+/++ £39 PHOTO
14579 Leica CL body. A good value user M mount body, lovely finders. Shutter fires well at all speeds. Meter is responsive but not checked against a known source. Cosmetically nice, signs of light to moderate use. Repair to one shutter blind which is still light tight and does not affect use.  exc+ £199 PHOTO
10287 Leica CTOOM off camera flash or accessory bracket. Black crackle finish. Near mint condition exc++/m- £24 PHOTO
10198 Leica Digicopy accessory. Slide copier for with built in lens. Designed for Leica Digilux 4.3, may fit others. Attach to the camera and copy slides. VGC exc++ £29 PHOTO
10288 Leica E48 screw in filter, light green. for Thambar and 20cm Telyt. Also fits 90/2.8 M lens. near mint, in plastic case, very uncommon in this fitting m- £29 PHOTO
10290 Leica E58 screw in filter, UVa, chrome, Genuine Leitz, Wetzlar, VGC, in non Leitz case exc++ £15 PHOTO
13426 Leica ELDIA 17900W film strip printer. Excellent condition,boxed exc++ £20 PHOTO
10519 Leica ELDIA negative / film strip printer. Super condition, boxed in early red box m- £29 PHOTO
14563 Leica FISON lens hood for 50mm Elmar, clamp on (A36). Near mint condition exc++/m- £49 PHOTO
14591 Leica III, chrome, no. 1183XX 1933. With later coated 5cm f3.5 Collapsible Elmar lens. Overall excellent condition, splendid top plate, lovely vulcanite. Clean clear lens with light cleaning scratches to the coating. Some bright marking to the base. Funnel shaped shutter guard. Super finders, clean and clear. With lovely English leather ever ready case. A very nice old Leica indeed exc++ £399 PHOTO
14562 Leica ITOOY lens hood for 50mm f2.8 / 3.5 Elmar lenses (E39 type). In good condition with signs of normal use. With non-Leitz case exc+ £27 PHOTO
     Leica L39 screw mount 135mm f4 Jupiter 11 lens. Silver finish. Excellent condition, clean, clear optics, smooth focus. With caps  exc++ £29 PHOTO
14553 Leica L39 screw mount 135mm f4.5 Hektor lens. Satin Chrome finish, unusually with “Sharkskin” vulcanite band. Overall Excellent condition, good non-cloudy optics (some dust, light cleaning scratches to front outer element) , smooth focus. With caps and leather case exc+/++ £89 PHOTO
14573 Leica L39 screw mount 20mm f5.6 Russar MP-2 lens. Black finish. Very rare Russian R/F lens. Mint condition. With caps m- £259 PHOTO
14551 Leica L39 screw mount 28mm f3.5 Avenon Kobalux Wide lens. Silver finish. With accessory bright line finder to match. Mint condition,  condition, clean, clear optics, smooth focus. With caps. A scarce and sought after third party lens for rangefinder cameras m- £389 PHOTO
14556 Leica L39 screw mount 3.5cm f3.5 Summaron wide angle lens. A36 first type. Coated. Overall superb example. Nice optics with just faint natural haze. Smooth focus, smooth iris. With Leica caps and leather case exc++ £279 PHOTO
14555 Leica L39 screw mount 90mm f4 Elmar lens. Coated optics. Vulcanite Band, satin chrome finish. Excellent condition, clean, clear optics, smooth focus. With caps and leather case exc++ £99 PHOTO
10294 Leica L39 screw mount set of three Cook and Perkins extension tubes. Black anodized aluminium. VGC, very nicely made exc+/++ £29 PHOTO
14543 Leica L39 screw mount Voigtlander 25mm f4 Snapshot Skopar lens. Black finish. Close to mint condition, superb. With front and rear cap, accessory viewfinder. (finder has light cosmetic marks to the finish) m- £229 PHOTO
14574 Leica L39 screw mount Voigtlander 35mm f3.5 Kolor Skopar lens. Black finish. Close to mint condition, superb. With front and rear cap m- £219 PHOTO
14586 Leica leather outfit case. Hard leather pre-war outfit case for Leica camera plus lenses and accessories. VGC exc+ £69 PHOTO
14575 Leica M mount 135mm f4 Leitz Elmar lens. Excellent example, cosmetically really nice with excellent clean clear non-hazy optics. With caps exc++ £149 PHOTO
14577 Leica M mount 35mm f3.5 Leitz Summaron lens. Excellent example, cosmetically really nice with good optics, very light minor haze, will not affect images. With caps and Leitz UV filter and 12585 lens hood exc++ £439 PHOTO
14576 Leica M mount 90mm f4 Leitz Elmar lens. A good example, cosmetically really nice other than a repair to the vulcanite. Optically most usable, with very light haze in spots to the inner front elements. With caps exc+ £109 PHOTO
11717 Leica POOBV Yellow filter for 9cm Thambar lens (Also for early 20cm Telyt) Super condition, in original box exc++ £25 PHOTO
11712 Leica POOCI yellow no.2 filter for 9cm Thambar lens (Also for early 20cm Telyt) Super condition, in original red box exc++ £25 PHOTO
11714 Leica POOCQ Blue filter for 9cm Thambar lens (Also for early 20cm Telyt) Super condition, in original box m- £15 PHOTO
11715 Leica POODW Green filter for 9cm Thambar lens (Also for early 20cm Telyt) Super condition, in original box m- £25 PHOTO
10307 Leica R Elpro VIa close up lens, Wetzlar. Black. VGC with brown slip case exc++ £15 PHOTO
14569 Leica R4 motor winder. Good condition with signs of normal use. Guaranteed working. Boxed exc+ £35 PHOTO
14558 Leica RASUK folding frame finder. 1930s. Chrome finish. Marked for 3.5 and 7.3cm, with additional home made mask for 135mm. VGC signs of light use. exc+/++ £79 PHOTO
14552 Leica SBLOO 3.5cm (35mm) shoe mounted Bright Line Finder. Optically VGC, signs of normal use plus small ding around eyepiece. Most usable. exc+ £99 PHOTO
14554 Leica SLOOZ 28mm shoe mounted Bright Line Finder. Average condition, marked optics, still usable. Very realistically priced as seen £39 PHOTO
11713 Leica UQMOO yellow 1 filter for 8.5cm Summarex (also fits Noctilux) lens. Chrome finish, VGC with original box exc++ £29 PHOTO
14592 Leica VALOO lens hood. For 5cm f3.5 Elmar lens. Allows iris to be operated whilst fitted. Excellent example with signs of light use exc++ £59 PHOTO
14564 Leica VIDOM universal zoom viewfinder. Chrome., Marked for 3.5, 5, 7.3, 9, 10.5 and 13.5cm lenses. Absolutely super condition, with good optics.  exc++ £59 PHOTO
14565 Leica VIOOH Straight Sided Universal zoom viewfinder. Black and Chrome. Marked for 3.5, 5, 8.5, 9 and 13.5cm lenses. Good condition and usable optics. exc+ £49 PHOTO
14557 Leica Visoflex Bellows fit 65mm f3.5 Elmar lens. Near mint condition, Cased. With front cap. Also includes Visoflex Bayonet focus mount OTZFO (which shows signs of general use but is in good usable condition. Condition rating is for lens exc++/m- £169 PHOTO
14559 Leica Visoflex II outfit: , with OTXBO and OTVXO 90 degree and vertical finders, OTRPO/16471 Extension tube and OUBIO / 16466M lens adaptor. All in excellent and good condition, signs of light and normal use. exc++ £89 PHOTO
14568 Leica Visoflex II outfit: , with OTYDO body, 16460 90 degree finder, 16556 Bellows unit + 16557 Slide Copier attachment. All excellent condition and boxed exc++ £99 PHOTO
14561 Leica XOONS lens hood for Summarit / Xenon lens. Excellent condition, signs of light use exc++ £99 PHOTO
14578 Leitca SOOPD lens hood Leitz New York version, chrome. In VGC with signs of light to normal use. An uncommon variant exc+ £79 PHOTO
14356 M42 200mm f4 Russian Telemar -22A telephoto lens. Excellent example, clean and clear, near mint. With caps and case exc++/m- £49 PHOTO
14268 M42 45-150mm f3.5 Soligor Zoom lens. VGC with caps and case. Minor light haze inside but very usable. A well made lens exc++ £19 PHOTO
13778 Mamiya 645 Auto Extension Ring set, no.1, 2, and 3-S. Good used condition, the no.3-S has had the aperture coupling removed, the other two are standard exc+ £39 PHOTO
12892 Mamiya 645 fit Vivitar MC 2x Teleconverter. Near mint condition, with cap exc++ £29 PHOTO
13782 Mamiya 645 Super / Pro Flash Connector N good condition and a devil to find when you need one! exc+/++ £29 PHOTO
14094 Mamiya Prismat leaf-shutter 35mm SLR camera. With interchangeable 48mm f1.9 Sekor lens. Good condition, specks in finder but still usable.  exc+ £29 PHOTO
13255 Mamiya RZ 82mm extension tube. Used condition but fine to work with exc £19 PHOTO
13340 Metz Power Pack P76 portable NiMH power set, includes battery and charger. VGC, fully working. Fits 76 / 70 / 54 / 45 series. boxed exc+ £139 PHOTO
14455 Minolta 110 SLR, Mk1, VGC and working well, with case exc+/++ £25 PHOTO
14456 Minolta 110 SLR, Mk11, VGC and working well, with case exc+/++ £29 PHOTO
12591 Minolta AF 28-85mm 3.5-4.5 Zoom lens. Clean clear optics, good focus, snappy iris. With original hood, caps exc+ £49 PHOTO
14608 Minolta AF 28mm f2.8 Prime lens. Nice clean clear optics, smooth focus, snappy iris. With caps exc+ £55 PHOTO
12129 Minolta AF 35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom lens. nice quality, metal mount. VGC, clean and clear optics, smooth focus, snappy iris. Very compact lens exc++ £49 PHOTO
14607 Minolta AF 50mm f1.7 Prime lens. Nice clean clear optics, smooth focus, snappy iris. With caps exc+ £45 PHOTO
14606 Minolta AF fit 24mm f2.8 Sigma Superwide II manual focus lens, with AF confirmation. Excellent condition, nice optics, caps, case, boxed exc++/m- £49 PHOTO
13961 Minolta AF fit 28-70mm f2.8-4.5 Tokina AF lens. VGC, nice imaging. Clean clear optics, snappy iris. With caps exc+ £35 PHOTO
13629 Minolta AF Program 5200i flash. VGC, working well. exc+/++ £25 PHOTO
13922 Minolta Dynax 9Xi with 35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Minolta AF Zoom lens with hood and cap. VGC, signs of light use, working well. No LCD bleeds. Close Up card included exc++ £89 PHOTO
14583 Minolta leather outfit bag. Soft padded genuine leather, very nice quality, excellent condition with one internal divider. exc++ £19 PHOTO
14395 Minolta MC /MD fit 200mm f2.8 Sigma Multi Protel YS lens. VGC, nice optics (minor bright spots in glass, will not affect images). Interchangeable YS mount exc+/++ £35 PHOTO
9835 Minolta SR Angle Finder II, mint condition, superb optics, boxed with case, even has original small protective cap. Great to use or collect. m- £25 PHOTO
13304 Minolta Vectis 25-150 mm Zoom lens. Near mint, with caps and lens hood m- £19 PHOTO
13302 Minolta Vectis S-1 APS SLR body, plus AA Battery Pack BP-S1 and 22-80mm zoom lens. Mint condition, fully working, with hood, hand strap, lens cap, instruction manual.  m- £29 PHOTO
13597 Minolta Wireless Controller IR-1 set, near mint condition, boxed. m- £49 PHOTO
12712 Minolta X-300 body, silver. VGC and working well exc++ £35 PHOTO
14472 Minox 35 GL, folding camera for 35mm film. With 35mm f2.8 Color Minotar lens. Working well and in VGC exc+/++ £49 PHOTO
14458 Minox B subminiature camera. Fully working, with chain (no fob or case). Generally good condition with some marks and a hard to see crack in the meter cell cover exc+ £45 PHOTO
14457 Minox B subminiature camera. VGC and fully working, with case, chain with button fob, instruction book exc+/++ £89 PHOTO
14449 Minox DCC 2.1 Leica M3 miniature digital camera. 3.0 megapixel, runs from a CR2 battery. Near mint, boxed with presentation case, instructions, card advertising counter stand. Outer packing box is damaged, camera battery cover is slightly “chewed” exc++ £69 PHOTO
14448 Minox DCC Leica M3 miniature digital camera. 1.3 megapixel, runs from a CR2 battery. Near mint, boxed with presentation case, software, instructions, card advertising counter stand, lead. Camera has a tiny indentation on one edge, does not detract from it exc++ £49 PHOTO
13646 Minox FC35 flash, to suit Minox GT, GL, EL. VGC, signs of light to normal use. Working well. exc+/++ £19 PHOTO
14572 Minox III (Minox A) 8x11mm subminiature, with 15mm f3.5 Complan lens. An excellent example in good dark brown case with button-fob measuring chain  exc++ £89 PHOTO
13172 Miranda Bayonet mount 135mm f2.8 Miranda ED lens. Excellent condition and very high quality construction. Later cosmetics like the EC type Complete with front cap, case. exc++ £25 PHOTO
13976 Miranda bayonet mount 25mm f2.8 Auto Miranda super wide angle lens. Cosmetically excellent, clean clear optics. Snappy iris, smooth focus. With cased lens hood and caps. An uncommon and high quality lens exc++ £69 PHOTO
13984 Miranda bayonet mount 28mm f2.8 Auto Miranda wide angle lens. Cosmetically excellent, clean clear optics. Snappy iris, smooth focus. With lens hood and caps.  exc++ £29 PHOTO
13981 Miranda bayonet mount 35mm f2.8 Auto Miranda E wide angle lens. Cosmetically excellent, clean clear optics. Snappy iris, smooth focus. With lens hood and caps. A high quality lens exc++ £39 PHOTO
14355 Monopod, good quality with small ball head and ingenious reversible base which features three small tripod feet. Very useful! exc+ £19 PHOTO
13837 Night Vision scope: Ni-Tec Zeniscope NVC-100 second generation type. Can be used via a camera body and lens (T mount for camera body, included with Exakta lens mount ) or via lens only as a scope. Good condition and fully working. With all paperwork and instructions plus accessories as shown. A rare item which was unbelievably expensive when new in 1972. Very interesting history exc+ £199 PHOTO
14486 Nikon  Speedlight SB-22. Excellent condition and working well. Boxed with pouch case exc++ £25 PHOTO
14532 Nikon AF TC-16A 1.6x converter (not the modded version). Excellent condition with clear optics. Boxed with instructions exc++ £59 PHOTO
14053 Nikon Nikkorex Zoom 8. Double Run 8 movie camera. With 8-32mm f1.8 Cine-Zoom-Nikkor lens. Nice condition (some damage to filter ring), working well (takes 4 AA batteries). Complete with grip and case. An uncommon addition to a Nikon collection! exc+/++ £29 PHOTO
14467 Nikon Non Ai (and Mirror Up) 2.1cm f4 Nikkor-O lens. Early model. With dedicated Nikon F fitting viewfinder. Seen lots of use and has cleaning scratches to front element. No rear cap. An Uncommon lens set  SALE PRICE TO CLEAR exc £199 PHOTO
    Olympus AF-10 AF compact, with 35mm f3.5 lens. Half way between an XA and a Mju. built in flash. nice condition and working well. with strap exc+ £19 PHOTO
14493 Olympus OM 75-150mm f4 Zuiko Auto-Zoom lens. Good condition with smooth zoom and focus, snappy iris. Cased with caps exc+/++ £39 PHOTO
11027 Olympus OM Mains adaptor F. AC. Used with the Quick Auto 310 flash or Bounce Grip and cannot be used with a T series flash or the Power Bounce Grip 2. VGC, two pin plug, 220V ac. boxed exc++ £15 PHOTO
13641 Olympus OM Recordata Back 4. Near mint condition, fully working, no LCD bleeds. Boxed, with instructions m- £29 PHOTO
10171 Olympus OM T20 flash, VGC complete with case, working well exc++ £19 PHOTO
12688 Olympus OM T32 flash, Nice example, working well exc+ £29 PHOTO
13798 Pentax AF280T flash. Bounce / turn head. Excellent condition, working well and fast to recycle. exc+/++ £25 PHOTO
14595 Pentax K1000, chrome, Japan. With 50mm f1.7 SMC-M lens. In VGC overall and working well. One tiny pin ding on prism top. exc+/++ £119 PHOTO
14596 Pentax K2 SLR, in Black. Overall good and fully working, signs of normal use plus a small ding on the base. With Chinon 50mm f1.7 MC lens.  exc+ £89 PHOTO
14570 Pentax KA fit Takumar A 2x converter. Near mint condition with caps m- £29 PHOTO
14599 Pentax MX body, chrome, good condition with signs of normal use. Working well.  exc+ £49 PHOTO
14598 Pentax Spotmatic F, in black, with 55mm f2 Super Takumar lens. Average condition, mechanically works ok, part of battery tab missing so meter is untested. Sold as seen, with cap and case. exc £49 PHOTO
14597 Pentax Spotmatic SP, chrome. With 55mm f2.8 Super Takumar lens. In VGC and working nicely, with good ER case and lens cap exc+ £49 PHOTO
14587 Praktisix 6x6 SLR camera. Wioth 80mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar lens. Complete with waist level finder, Prism finder (slight cosmetic ding, good optics) and Vertical chimney finder. Also includes strap and lens hood. With modern outfit case. All in VGC and working nicely.  exc++ £189 PHOTO
14529 Purma Special camera (127 film) Pre war british camera with ingenious weighted shutter which fires at different speeds when the camera is held in different positions. VGC, BOXED with the important lens cap exc++ £29 PHOTO
14463 Riken Steky subminiature camera. In good condition (some brassing on chrome parts, rear lens of finder missing) working ok. With cased accessory Steky Tele lens, and half camera case exc/exc+ £79 PHOTO
14547 Rollei 35 TE, silver. With 40mm f3.5 Tessar lens. Fully working including meter. VGC with only a couple of superficial dings, still very attractive. Great lens. With good German leather two part ever ready case and neck strap. exc+ £119 PHOTO
14548 Rollei 35, Black, Singapore. With 40mm f3.5 Tessar lens. Good overall example, working nicely except ½ second which hesitates. Meter good. A nice user camera. No apparent dings., some reacting to the black paint on the top housing. With case, cap, wrist strap exc+ £99 PHOTO
14581 Rollei Bayonet 1 lens hood, good condition with signs of normal use. Cased Suit Rolleiflex T / Automat / Rolleicord etc exc+ £25 PHOTO
14582 Rollei Bayonet 1 Sun Telephoto Auxiliary lens set,  good condition with signs of light use. Front Caps. Suit Rolleiflex T / Automat / Rolleicord etc exc+/++ £15 PHOTO
14588 Rollei Bayonet II light yellow filter, VGC with case exc+ £25 PHOTO
14585 Rollei Bayonet III Bay 3 Filter set; Leather zipped case containing 3 each, genuine Rollei Blue and Brown colour correction filters. Six filters total. All in excellent condition exc++ £89 PHOTO
14584 Rolleicord Va 16 on mask set. Excellent, cased with instructions exc++ £15 PHOTO
14580 Rolleicord Vb Type 2, model K3FA. With 75mm f3.5 Xenar lens. Mint condition, boxed. With cap, instructions, case (case shows some wear to the strap) A lovely camera. m- £299 PHOTO
14589 Rolleiflex 2.8 E2 with Carl Zeiss Planar lens. Camera in VGC with clean clear optics, working well and in very attractive condition with signs of light to normal use. Complete with caps, case (stitching split on one side) Scissor strap, pale yellow and deep yellow cased Rolleiflex filters, Cased lens hood and instruction book. exc+/++ £769 PHOTO
14023 Ruberg Futura camera, for 3x4cm on 127 film. Helicoid front lens extension. Black crackle finish. exc+ £29 PHOTO
14534 Samsung ECX1 Panorama. 35Mm AF “Compact”. Porsche Design. Very capable camera in excellent condition and working well. exc++ £29 PHOTO
14342 Spotting scope, Russian “Bepkym” 10x46 monocular / spotting scope. Light weight but surprisingly excellent optics, even in low light conditions. Small internal chip but it really works well exc+ £29 PHOTO
12958 Stereo View cards, a set of 11 Amateur made nice 60x57mm Stereo print images mounted on curved pink card. Featuring views of the 1931 French Colonial Exposition; all annotated by hand to the rear; “Le Temple d'Angkor” “Bagdad” “Le Cambodyu” “Devant Angkor” “Madagascar” “Entree Porte Doree” “Cite Des Informations” Galerie de la Cite Des Informations” “Les Indes En La Fontaine” “Devant la Pavillon de la Gouadeloup” “Pavillon de la Chasse et Peche” Pardon my French reading!  All with good accurate mounting, and effective stereo separation. Some minor chipping to the edges etc. An interesting home made set of cards. exc++ £49 PHOTO
13553 Tamron Adaptall 2 mount  SP 2X Teleconverter. Model 01F. Excellent example, near mint condition, clean clear optics. With caps m- £19 PHOTO
14566 TEWE Polyfocus Universal Zoom Viewfinder. With markings for 35, 50, 75, 85, 100, 135, 150, 180 and 200mm lenses. Also has the very rare slip on conversion lens to show 28 and 30mm frames. Very versatile. Good condition and working order. Nice usable optics exc+/++ £59 PHOTO
10101 Topcon (Unirex etc) fit 200mm f4 UV Topcor lens. Quite an uncommon focal length for this range. VGC with really nice optics, caps, built in hood. Some bright marking to chrome part exc+ £29 PHOTO
10222 Topcon (Unirex etc) fit 28mm f4 UV Topcor lens. Near mint condition with really nice optics, caps, case m- £29 PHOTO
13893 Topcon black leather outfit case. Blue velvet lining. Will take a camera such as RE super and one or two lenses. VGC exc+ £19 PHOTO
13201 Topcon RE 3x Teleconverter, Auto-Teleplus. Excellent, cased exc++ £15 PHOTO
14080 Topcon RM300 SLR, black. With 55mm f1.7 AM Topcor MC lens. (a Pentax K mount camera). In VGC and working well.  exc++ £35 PHOTO
14074 Universal “Univex” bakelite subminiature camera. VGC, lovely Art Deco design. exc+/++ £19 PHOTO
14545 Voigtlander 93/184 Pocket shoe mounted rangefinder. Marked in feet. Excellent condition, working well. With case exc++ £25 PHOTO
14541 Voigtlander Bessa 6x9 (or 6x4.5 with included mask) folding camera. With uncoated 10.5cm f3.5 Skopar lens in Prontor shutter. Lens serial number indicates immediate post war production (Late 1945, early 1946) really nice condition and working well. Excellent bellows, rigid front standard. A most usable camera capable of excellent results.  exc+/++ £49 PHOTO
14542 Voigtlander Bessa L body. Leica LTM Thread mount (L39 screw) accepts Leica etc lenses. No finder. Built in light meter. Chrome finish. Near mint condition, working properly (including meter) with high top case (for use with accessory finder fitted) and neck strap. m- £99 PHOTO
14538 Voigtlander Vitessa L CRF for 35mm film. Barn-Door folding model, with light meter. 50Mm f2 Ultron lens in Synchro Compur shutter. Excellent example, very attractive and working correctly. With nice ever ready case exc++ £149 PHOTO
14539 Voigtlander Vitessa Lens hood and UV filter, in Voigtlander strap mounted leather case. (The filter is the special Vitessa Thread type) all in VGC exc++ £22 PHOTO
14544 Voigtlander Vito BL High Top (bright line finder) scale focus camera. With 50mm f2.8 Color Skopar lens in Prontor SVS shutter. With case. Bewi Automat meter functions but is unlikely to be dependable exc++ £29 PHOTO
14540 Voigtlander Vito III folding CRF for 35mm film. 50mm f2 Ultron lens in Synchro Compur shutter. Good example, signs of normal use, working correctly. With ever ready case and cased Voigtlander lens hood exc+ £199 PHOTO
14546 Voss Diax IIB CRF camera. With interchangeable 50mm f2.8 Schneider Xenar lens in Synchro Compur shutter. Super condition and fully working. Clean optics, built in finder for 50 and for 85/90. Very well made and usable camera. With good case. exc++/m- £59 PHOTO
Wanted, I buy vintage camera advertising material: Signs, posters, banners, stands, point of sale items, etc for my collection. Please Call. £0
10441 Welta Perle camera, 6x4.5 on 120 film. With Schneider Radionar lens in Pronto Dial Set shutter. Signs of age and use, some tarnishing to the plated case edges. An attractive folding camera from the early 1930's. exc £29 PHOTO
11767 Weston Euro Master light meter. VGC and working well. With case, invercone exc+ £49 PHOTO
10923 Weston Master V meter. VGC and working well. With case, invercone exc+ £39 PHOTO
13619 Whirling Hygrometer (or Wet and Dry Bulb Thermometer) Accoson no.4, London. Used to determine relative humidity. In VGC, well made and working. cased £20 PHOTO
13606 Yashica Electro 35 supplementary lens set: Wide and Tele plus finder, all in VGC, cased exc++ £29 PHOTO
14602 Yashica Mat 124 (not G) 6x6 TLR with 80mm f3.5 Yashinon lens. Overall excellent condition, a nice example, working well and takes good pictures. With instruction manual, filter, lens caps and very nice case. exc++ £169 PHOTO
8043 ZEISS
12912 Zeiss Ikon Baldur Box, 51/2. 6x9 on 120 film. c.1935. Very attractive design, good condition, working ok exc+ £25 PHOTO
14230 Zenit EM “Moskva 80” Olympic edition, in Chrome. With 58mm f2 Helios 44-M-5 lens. Lovely condition,, fully working. With case exc++ £29 PHOTO
14086 Zenit EM, black. With Olympic logo. With 58mm f2 Helios 44M lens. VGC and working well.  exc++ £29 PHOTO
10681 Zenit Surprise (Medical Zenit) fit 30mm f3.5 Mir-25MT endoscope lens. Breech mount like Praktina cameras. Rare item in near mint condition with front cap exc++/m- £39 PHOTO
10680 Zenit Surprise (Medical Zenit) fit 50mm f7 Industar 50MT endoscope lens. Breech mount like Praktina cameras. Rare item in near mint condition with cap exc++/m- £39 PHOTO
14314 Zorki 4K CRF camera, with 50mm f2. Jupiter 8 lens. Excellent condition, working very well, with original ERC exc++ £59 PHOTO
14082 Zorki C (S) CRF. With 50mm f3.5 Industar-22 collapsible lens. In VGC and working nicely, With Zorki cap exc+ £45 PHOTO